(H) Illuminaughty Recruiting PvP/PvE

Illuminaughty is currently recruiting all classes for current and upcoming content for 10man progression. We run an efficient and disciplined raid aimed at the highest tier of play. With experience through two expansions as a guild, claiming numerous server firsts, and being on the peak of progression our guild is focused on being the first to defeat Cataclysm encounters.

Illuminaughty also houses a respectable PvP division aimed at competing in Rated Battlegrounds and Arena. Originally from Hyjal US, Illuminaughty was ranked 5th for arena in the entire world (according to www.Arenajunkies.com) and home to some of the highest rated players in the world.

Our upcoming raiding schedule will begin on December 14th where we will consistently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9:00pm to 1:00am EST.

Potential applicants or players seeking more information may contact Churney/Trollbomb/Raviolee/Sillyfresh/Redmon on Illidan Horde.

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