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I cannot find any documentation on the file, World of Warcraft Repair. What does it do and when should I use it? Can someone explain what it fixes, or where I can find documentation?

Sorry if this is a duplicate question or thread, but you can't search specific forums, and at the moment the search function is broken, plus Blizzard has deleted the old forums from the old site.

From what I understand, it checks your world of warcraft install integrity and attempts to fix any file corruption or missing file issues. It used to also have options to reset settings and the like, but when I ran it most recently those options seemed to be missing (and it did not change my settings).

You use it when you have an issue (like corrupt non-cache files) that you cannot resolve any other way save for doing a full reinstall of WoW.
Karock is correct.

Reason why the repair tool doesn't have options yet, is because it doesn't have a major patch to revert to yet, like in the Windows side use to with 3.x.

I believe Windows side doesn't have the revert/repair option yet as 4.0 is now a major starting platform. We may see these options come back in a future patch, like 4.1 or something.
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Old forums are still avaliable from Locked but still there :)

And yes does pretty much what Karock says ... except for a couple of corrections

Firstly it needs an active internet connection. It needs to connect to the repair servers to find out what should be where and what checksums it should have ;)

If you don't have an active internet connection that you probably can't use it.

And missing files are streamed back in by the streaming launcher's repair on demand system.
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Old forums are still avaliable from Locked but still there :)

Yep. Thanks for the URL. I'll bookmark it. The forum links on the old site redirect to the new forums however.
How do i fix my world of warcraft ever time i click on it,start to upload then it stops saying my installing system is damaged and to repair it but i don't know were to go too repair it.
soo what do i do to fix this repair thing ?

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