I now have to enter my autheticator twice

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A day, instead of once a week since Ive downloaded the new browser. Whats up with this crap?
No idea. I'm using multiple machines in different locations to post on the forums with and play and I still only have to enter it once a month for each.
Click on the little box that says "Remember me" or something like that.

I've only had to enter my authenticator number twice total since downloading the new browser.
I disabled mine because it would always ask me for it. I could sometimes go a couple a days without entering it, but most of the time it would ask me almost every time I logged in.
At least you're safe :)
I've been disconnected in game before, prompted by having to enter the authenticator. Now that is dumb.

It's probably an internet/ip address issue
Just run a high power magnet over it and your comp. You'll be fine.
Any news on how to get it back to once a week?
Without knowing your location, how often you move locations, how often you play from each location, etc. There's really no way to know.

I have my launcher set to remember me. I haven't had to enter my authenticator for about a month or so.
03/17/2014 05:28 PMPosted by Exeliran
Hello folks,

This is a known issue with the Desktop App. We're aware of this happening and we've been investigating the issue. Currently we think we've tracked this issue down and hope to have a fix out for everyone in a future update. Thanks!

You said you downloaded a new browser, what are your setting on it? If you have it set to automatically clear cookies, whenever you log off,; then that could be your issue.
This ^.
And if for whatever reason you find yourself at the log in screen, exit it and re-enter the game by hitting the 'Play' button on the desktop app. Using the regular log-in screen bypasses the app which 'authenticates' the computer you're playing from.

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