Sooo..what is? 0_o?

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Looks like a million restoration Shaman got bored...but it isn't disappearing and it's inside on both floors (somewhat) as well 0_0.

Did I miss something here? Also logged in / out, switched toons, etc.

So lost!
It's obviously rainning.

You know, healing rain?

Hahahaha...haha...yea that wasn't funny at all. I honestly have no idea O_o

I'm so curious! It's so..blinding..and..shiny..and..BLUE!
Time to go catch a baby ape then.
Sneak preview of WoD's new weather effects.
03/18/2014 01:05 AMPosted by Happymending
Sneak preview of WoD's new weather effects.

Better get me some shades then

-puts on some sunglasses and flicks her hair-
there's a healing rain by Ordos that wouldn't disappear for me for a few weeks.
There's a fluff item that drops off one of the rares in pandaria that allows you to create a distant spot of water, much like far sight that leaves behind that blue spot and some bubbles too, I believe. Odds are someone found a bunch of bored friends that had them too. I think they're bugged in some areas and the spots stay forever.

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