$800.00 budget (including non pirated OS)

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I'm looking to buy a new PC this month that can run WoW on Ultra very easily. Tired of running on medium settings at 30FPS.
Prob best off going to the gaming and hardware forum


Good luck with your new PC!
Thanks appreciate it. Will go there now.
come find me sometime, and ill help you figure out what you need.
If you've got the know how or have a friend that does I'd suggest building your own computer over buying one outright. Hell even $600-$700 on a custom build will go further than $800 for a pre-assembled system.

Don't know where you live in relation to any of their locations but I personally prefer Micro Center in regards to picking out parts for a computer. Even if you still decide to buy a pre-assembled system you'll tend to find decent deals there ^_~

easy to build one

when you find what you want take another week and find cheeper stuff on amazon

GTX760 or better graphics card....
03/15/2014 06:51 AMPosted by Theassmaster
Save up more then 800.

so true

i could email you a shopping list that would build a PC from amazon for $900

but over your buget

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