Should I Stay the Course?

Hello fellow warriors of the Light,

I stand before you with some mixed feelings about this class. I have played my pally for about 4 years now and I always hit ruts where I venture off to a new main only to return to this class, particularly Ret. I am now part of a very large guild and due to my schedule I primarily only am able to participate in guild LFR and flexes. With restrictions of my playtime, I'm not honestly not sure why the state of my dps matters so much. Is ret always to remain the middle of the road? I may be too competitive with myself and want to strive for better numbers, but with the level of content I'm involved in, does it really matter? Should I look at a pure dps class like a rogue or will I always come back to ret?

I had a chance to jump into a 10M Normal the other day and I was crushed in the dps department, so my confidence may be a bit shot. Does anyone else feel this way or do I really need to look at another melee dps class like a rogue or shaman?

*Disclaimer: Forgive some of the tanking gear, I have some tanking bits left on when I logged out. I have the flex 4pc right now.
I would recommend sticking with your paladin. The numbers of a rogue or shaman may be nice, but it's probably for the best if you play what you're most comfortable with.

If that so happens to be ret, keep at it! And as for ret's place in the world, I usually see it around the middle of the meters, so it's not doing horribly.

That, and, well... utility. Hands, bubble, off healing in a pinch, not being pinholed into playing dps simply because that's the only role you can be?

Don't worry about your numbers being a bit low initially. When I first went into normals, I was sitting at ~130k dps. For reference, our then ret (and now prot) pally was pulling ~170k in similar gear.
Thing is, I love this playstyle and the closest thing to it is a DK. Would it even be worth it to swap to a DK? I can't stand the warrior rotation at all haha.
DK is quite a bit slower overall then ret, honestly. At this point in the game, it may be worth trying out a DK, but I wouldn't recommend switching to maining one.
Abandon ship with your ret. now that were going into a new xpac and kalgan is the new lead designer again (the original lead designer before ghostcrawler took over. He is the one that kept ret as a trash spec in the beginning due to his hatred of hybrids) ret will only go downhill until it is a garbage spec again.
I guess it's between a rogue or enhancement shaman. Is ret really going to be that bad? Also, should my haste be higher? I am still missing my last part of my 4pc.
03/18/2014 11:19 PMPosted by Mickale
Is ret really going to be that bad?

No one knows how Ret will be next expansion, although predicting doom is always the general answer here in the Paladin forums.

As for the here and now Retribution is well off in PVE, if you're getting horribly crushed than you're either playing with people who severely out gear you or you yourself are doing something wrong.
Focus not on the numbers that you see, but rather on the stupendous amount of raid utility you bring. It is quite awesome :)
03/18/2014 11:19 PMPosted by Mickale
I guess it's between a rogue or enhancement shaman. Is ret really going to be that bad? Also, should my haste be higher? I am still missing my last part of my 4pc.

1.) Do not listen to Frelikk. Ever. Anywhere. Literally all he posts is nonsense doom and gloom for which he has ZERO evidence beyond his own neuroses. Bad players cry the loudest. Ignore conspiracy theorists.

2.) As stated above, there is ZERO worthwhile information about how ret (or any spec) will be next expansion. Beta hasn't even been announced yet. You can't in all seriousness make a decision on which class to play when you have nothing to go on, literally nothing.

3.) Ret has been middle of the pack all expansion, which is honestly a good place to be. Safe from damage nerfs but still great for burst and raid utility. Keep in mind Blizzard HAS said overperforming classes (warlock for example) WILL be seeing nerfs going into WoD.

4.) Your gear seems fine but you really need 4pc. Your DPS will suffer without it, especially in normal modes. Your weapon is ok but not great. You should at least upgrade it a second time. Weapon will always be your biggest gear upgrade so be sure to save coins for normal Sha of Pride, Nazgrim, Thok, and Garrosh.

Both of your trinkets are really bad, so bad even a ToT trinkets would be better. Keep running LFR and flex once a week until you get Evil Eye of Galakras and Thok's Tail Tip, which drop off the bosses of the same name. Those will be big DPS upgrades for you.

Also is your rotation correct? Cooldown usage? I don't recommend taking Speed of Light for raids (except Thok) - stick with Pursuit. Holy Avenger is fine but once you get the Galakras trinket, try Sanctified Wrath.

We don't have enough information on your normal raid group to say what the real problem is/was but if you try some of these changes and get some more gear, I think you'll enjoy ret much more.
I really appreciate all the feedback. After about a week of playing around with a shammy and a rogue, I do believe Ret is what fits me best. I recently got the mace off Natural in flex and am working for my 4pc now. Now if I could only get into normals but my schedule doesn't allow it. I am still a little torn between this guy and a shammy though.

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