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I have dabbled in it before sparidocally, but I would like to add more time in this mini game.

Any advice on what pets I should level first? At the moment, I am just leveling a few to get through the Tamers Quests, but after that, I would like to put a team together for competitive play (if there is any competitive matches).
I leveled my cute ones first...yeah, not particularly good advice if you want to PvP. There are lots of guides on how to do this but basic instinct made me level a tank/healer/dps - have no idea where that notion came from!

My pet battling was pet achievement and natural quest chain driven. Researched the next tamer I was facing to find what kinds of pets would win and leveled them. Stay close to the Stables guy so you can run back to get pets healed without using your long CD heal or bandages (scarce and precious in the beginning, boatload of them later).

So check out your achievement panel and try to multi-task several while you level your pets. Even if you don't catch the "good" ones for high-end, you can catch and level them up quick once you have some 25's and Pandaria tamers opened.

Just have fun!

e: Oh yeah, I sent out my baby alts to do most of the catching and leveling since they got lots of XP also.
"Mechy", your Crimson Moth and your Harbinger of Flame are good ones to level now. Your Maggot will be good against critters, but for PVE your Cornish Rex cat would be good too (most powerful cat) or catch a blue quality cheetah cub - the cat type's Devour ability is very useful when you are far from a stable master. Your Creepy Crate, Onyxian Whelpling, Rabbit and Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling are very useful pets too. If you level two or three teams at the same time you can rotate through them and use the self-heal on cooldown and not need the stable master at all. The more pets you have, the easier it will be when you find yourself facing a tamer with three undead pets or three mechanicals.

Try to catch rare(blue) quality pets when you find them, particularly the ones that are specially powerful or fast. There are add-ons that will help to show you what their power and speed will be when they reach 25. If you invest in a Terrible Turnip from the AH now (don't pay more than 40g!) and level it up with the others it will help you catch new pets because its ability Weakening Blow can't accidentally kill what you are trying to capture. Pets like the Infected Squirrel that you just walked past while fighting tamers would have been useful additions to your collection.

For PVP, just play random teams at the lower levels. .Queues are long, matches are uneven, and it is really about learning how to play each pet and how to anticipate each opponent's moves, but I can see you have already won some matches. When you get some pets to 25, has very useful discussions of team building and examples of good teams and how they work.
I was rather surprised to find that my Aqua Strider was great against most encounters. And with its self-heal, I'm glad I leveled that one to 25 early on. It's now on my power-leveling team. =)

(There are tons of other great pets to level up first, though. This one in particular has been one of my favorites.)
Thank you both :)

o.o Didn't expect a blue response. That made my night :)
A Terrible Turnip and a couple of crows or ravens are extremely useful. is the resourse I use the most for pet battles though. :) Good luck and have fun!
Anubisath Idol is also one that shows up with great frequency. It's not especially hard to farm, but it has an amazing mix of stats and tanky abilities that let him stay in battle for a very long time. Plus, his Sandstorm ability totally shuts down multi-hit attacks like Swarm, which show up commonly in many fights.
I also got a ton of milage out of Zandalari Kneebiter. Black Claw - Hunting Party - Bloodfang is such a powerful combo that it almost feels like cheating sometimes. Pick it up cheap on the AH, or farm them up with a bit of luck.
03/18/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Wofatjr
Any advice on what pets I should level first? At the moment, I am just leveling a few to get through the Tamers Quests, but after that, I would like to put a team together for competitive play (if there is any competitive matches).

mechanical pandaren dragonling. - this pet can be a bit of a chore to level, but once it gets decoy @ 20, it becomes very strong in PVE.

I'm also a huge fan of frogs, ideal for dealing with undead or elemental type pets, and relatively decent vs anything non flyer.
Thank you everyone for your advice.

Since I posted this, I read a few guides on taming, collecting, battling and leveling. I also installed a few addons which has made Pet Battling so much easier.

Now, instead of one team I was focusing on, I am now leveling 2 others at the moment.

I am leveling:

Ruby Sapling (I am assuming his healing will come in handy endgame)
Onyxian Whelping
Cornish Rex Cat (Need to rename him lol)
Creeoy Crate
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

Already, I see a variety for once they are all the same level.
Anubisath Idol owns, he can solo most trainers
I'd highly recommend any P/S moth (they're all functionally identical with the exception of the Imperial Moth, which has a different set of attacks and will require upgrading if you purchase an uncommon one off the Auction House). Moths with Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust or Moth Balls are an absolute terror.

Also recommended is a Sprite Darter Hatchling (which you can buy off the AH--but try to get it cheap!) or a Nether Faerie Dragon, which can be captured once you're comfortable battling level 10-12 wild pets. You'll be encountering a lot of wild flying pets and a lot of NPC tamers with flying pets, and the Darter/Faerie Dragon takes reduced damage from flying-type attacks while Moonfire and Arcane Blast deal additional damage to flying types. Life Exchange, which lets you equalize health between you and the enemy pet, is a fantastic heal if you time it right--and also does a considerable amount of damage if you're low on health and they aren't! Sprite Darter Hatchlings only come in one breed, but if you've got addons that let you see the breed of a wild pet you're fighting, Nether Faerie Dragons come in several breeds, the best of which is the P/P in my opinion. They hit like trucks strapped to other trucks.

Continue leveling your Strand Crawler (Surge and Whirlpool are great against elementals, and crabs also have good longevity with either of their healing moves + Shell Shield if you choose to take it over Whirlpool) and your Phoenix Hatchling (fantastic against mechanicals, which you'll see more than a few of). I'll second Crithto's recommendation of the Aqua Strider as another solid aquatic--you can either farm it off Nalash Verdantis in the Dread Wastes (~12% drop chance--it took me roughly 20 kills for my first one and I've gotten two more since then) or check the AH. They're getting pretty inexpensive now, and they're one of the fastest Water types you'll find (Mongooses from Pandaria are faster, but don't have nearly the synergy). Soothing Rain/Pump is a devastating combination.

Finally, I'll also second the recommendation of any of the Zandalari Hatchlings. A Kneebiter (P/P) or Anklerender (P/S), with the combination of Black Claw and Hunting Party, will wreak havoc on just about anything you match it up against except a flying type. Devour or Bloodfang provide considerable healing support while leveling as well, though they do require a little work to time right so they're the killing blow.
If nobody mentioned it, a razzashi hatchling is amazing. Most of the raptors are. High damage, beast-type attacks, and Devour, which keeps your health up.
Spiders are amazing grinders. Level two of them on your lead leveling group.

My go-to pets for master battles are: Sinister Squashling, Darkmoon Tonk and Infinite Whelpling.
Arashi from the Petofwarcraft videos on YouTube here.
You would recomend leveling a Beast Pets with Devour for selfheal as the kill the other teams. Once you have one level 25 Pet you can use it to level other Pets on Vale of Four winds.

Please see my guide on YouTube - PetofWarcraft video 27. (Link)
This is how I've been leveling my Pet Battle Teams.

Thank you for Reading!
Crithto ROCKS!!!

03/18/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Wofatjr
I have dabbled in it before sparidocally, but I would like to add more time in this mini game.

Any advice on what pets I should level first? At the moment, I am just leveling a few to get through the Tamers Quests, but after that, I would like to put a team together for competitive play (if there is any competitive matches).

Emerald Proto-Whelp and Anubisath Idol. Most "wild" pets can be captured by either of these, 1v3, with little damage to the pet. Each one can solo some daily pet battles, which make for very fast power leveling. If those don't do it for you, get a rare guardian crab.

The Ruby Droplet is extremely underwhelming. I recommend you put it on the AH, get your 20,000g, and call it a fair deal. I wish I hadn't camped it as much as I did. If I ever need money again, it's the first pet that I'm going to auction.

If you want a hilarious combination for endgame battles, get something with Call Lightning and a Clockwork Gnome.

Other pets I found amazing:
--Mini Mindslayer (humanoid with Life Exchange)
--Celestial Dragon
--Corefire Imp
--Lesser Voidcaller

I like "turtle" teams with strong self-heals, in case that's not obvious.
03/18/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Wofatjr
Any advice on what pets I should level first?

My vote goes for Small Frog. Its first ability is pretty lackluster until level 10 when you can get the undead-mauling critter damage. but the healing spell in slot #2 combined with the chance-to-polymorph kiss in slot #3 can easily solo many fights.

This pet and the Clockwork Gnome are my favorites. Clockwork Gnome because he heals and has mechanical damage which just shreds beasts (the most common pet you will fight while leveling)

Edit: Also, always level rare pets. If you don't have a rare version, go catch one!
Easiest way to level a pet is to get one to 25 and find somewhere that has a lot of pets that it is strong against. Get your other 2 to level 4 or 5 and then lead off with a lowby and finish off the rest with your 25. You should level every fight until your pet hits level 15 or 16.
A Yellow Moth. It's vendor-bought and uncommon quality, but definitely worth the battle stone upgrade.

When I started, I used a beast-type and mechanical-type while leveling to my first 25s. I think my Snow Cub was my first 25. He's not the best pet, but he really did well to start me off.

The Onyxian Whelping is a terror! Seriously, he hits really hard, he can evade big hits with a well-timed lift-off, and he's got that heal. Starting out, if you've got him, he's really great.

Rabbits can be very good - I really like the Springtail from Noblegarden. Wolpertinger... well. He's unique!
Celestial Champion, here willing to give advice to pet battlers.

Even though I say some negative things time to time (Sorry Blizzard), I can help you out.

Good pets to grab and search for that will help you in the long run.

Unborn Valkyr
Clockwork Gnome
Scourge Whelping ( for countering those magic bastards with humanoid abilites)
any Rabbit ( for countering undead)
Tiny white carp (the best of the 4 carps expensive but good)
Panderan elementals (you can farm these if you reach the required levels)
Tiny Blue carp if you can combo with air panderan elemental

The other best advice and I can offer is grabbing all the raid level pets.

They are all relatively overpowered in the lower leveling where you don't need specific counters since they are all useful.

Look at Looking for raid pets no 1
and looking for raid pets no 2
they are all useful, even the bonus pet you get for completing these are realtively good and you can buy them too.

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