Best spec for paladins

I am fairly newish to Wow. But it seems usually that not all paladin builds are as good as others. Right know I am a protection paladin. With Cataclysm coming out I have a great opportunity to gear up as something else. So my question is;

Do we think holy, protection, or retribution could be stronger than the other specs? Protection feels good to me right now and allows super fast queue times for dungeons, but the other specs are also appealing.

I thought maybe switching it up and being holy could be really fun. Just wanted the community's ideas on if any spec of the paladin could be considered a little over powered at the moment.
What are you trying to do? Just do whatever you find fun. Nothing serious is really going on right now because cata comes out in 4 days. Try different specs, see what you like. There isn't any such thing as balance right now because everything has been rescaled to 85. So just go out and have a good time, see which playstyle suits you best.
I am talking about Cataclysm. I think I am going to pick healing gear up in quests and then turn around and tank dungeons. To birds one 1 stone type of thing.

I want two geared specs in cata.
If you plan on raiding at endgame, regardless if you want to tank, heal or both, I'd probably still reccommend going prot. It makes you a lot more durable while questing and your df queue times will go a lot faster if you want to instance at all.

It is a lot harder to build up tanking gear for end game content than it is to get healing gear. While you're building up your tanking set for end game you can still roll on healing gear.

Taking the time to build up your tank gear first will allow you a lot more flexibility and, to be honest, opportunities to do raids and instances where you'll find decent healing gear. By splitting up your focus, you risk getting mediocre gear on both sides and winding up with a real disadvantage gear wise.

Remember that no matter the encounter, every encounter is pretty much a gear check for a tank.

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