Cant abandon my pet

Bug Report
i target my pet and right click his portrait and i look for the abandon pet option but its not their is their any other way to abandon a pet
try running a script like

/script AbandonPet();

or something like that

i'm sure a blue could solve it for u
Shame on you trying to abandon a poor defenseless pet!
=/ but hes so abusive he hits me at night but rly why wont it work
If someone could fix this problem i would be very grateful. my new hunter is having the same issue
/script PetAbandon()

Problem fixxed. Make sure your current pet you want to abandon is out when you use this macro.



Name the macro release and put the above text in the text part of it. Then put the macro on your hot bar and hit it while the pet you want to abandon is out.

If this does not fix it, please repost.
i got it- as soon as i went to a hunter trainer and learned control pet, i was able to abandon it. don't know why you need to be trained to know how to abandon a pet but w/e...
Because prior to that, you can't tame a new pet (since you get Control Pet and Tame Beast at the same level). They didn't want new players accidentally deleting their pet, then having a hard time for 9 more levels.

Prior to Control Pet, you have no control over your pet. It's permanently Defensive, the Default UI doesn't even have a pet bar, you can't tell it to attack, and you can't rename it.
It keeps saying cant abandon last pet whenever i try to abandon help please
Having the same issue; level 13, the script command isn't working either.

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