Rolling a new paladin soon

I'd like to know what BoA's for leveling a Holy Paladin would be best. I have all the cloth or some mail and leather. I wish they made healing plate BoA's but nope.

Also is there a certain level thats best to start healing?

Thank you all for any info provided.
I used the leather caster stuff on mine with the healing mace and had no problems. You are a bit more squishy but that's a non issue when leveling for the most part.
stats matter most
The best level to start healing is 15. There are so few people specing as healer at that level because you can't dual spec yet and questing as a healer is not always that efficient.
Any of the intellect BoA's from all of the armor tiers will be efficient since there is no intellect plate. Along with the spell power mace and intellect shield you'll be set.
Thank you guys.. i have one now about level 30 and notice there aren't too many healing options. Just flash heal and radiance?? and one other maybe.. forgive me i specced it last night I tried tanking too a bit.

I know when I leveled a priest it seemed to have more options to heal with. Just curious if i'm seeing this right.

Thank you all for your information and help :)

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