Low level tanking build

Hi all. I've looked around for a prot leveling build/guide but didn't really come up with anything that's relative to the current WoW build (4.x.x).

I've decided to level up as prot, though I'm having a hard time picking talents as I'm going down the tree because, quite frankly, it feels as though I should be picking up everything as I go along. Could someone provide a build or an idea of how a talent tree for prot should look like at, say, around level 66? Here's the build I'm currently using:


Any input would be highly appreciated.
I'm kinda guessing myself. I know how I want my talents at 80, but... the road to that is a bit rocky and confusing for talent build. I'd say to take on the talents that help fulfill your current needs with tanking. To elaborate, I took hammer of the righteous once I got to that tier on the tree, because I was having issues with holding threat on multiple enemies, and I wasn't taking alot of damage. Now I'm taking whatever I can from sanctuary, to help reduce some of the damage that I'm receiving to make the job easier on my healer.

based on your build, here would be my suggestion for 67 (since its every other level that you get talent points, so 67 instead of 66) I'd say its just a guideline though, take it as you will. Good luck!

you're right, I'd forgotten that consecration now is fairly useless.
Thanks a bunch for the pointers. What makes consecration unfavorable? Is it the mana cost? Another thing, I don't find myself using crusader strike much more, especially since I've gotten HotR. Is wrath of the lightbringer really worth it or should I invest those points in something else?

My rotation on a mob now is avenger's shield, HotR until 3 holy power, SotR, repeat. Is that off?
Rotation sounds good. Pull with AS. Then just use fillers between each HotR. Either AS, Judgement, or Holy Wrath depending what is off cooldown. Use the 3 Holy Power for SotR, unless I am in a bad PUG in which case I'll use WoG on myself as needed.
consecration does very little damage, and is high mana cost, and its on a 30 second CD. HotR has basically taken its place, just isn't damage over time. I'd have to agree with the rotation, which reminds me that I need to work on mine... not playing for a year and then getting back in with a new character. Its given me a chance to gradually adjust to the way prot paladins have been rewritten by playing from the ground up and to learn the new abilities as they're aquired instead of just logging into my 80 and sitting there going "okay, what the hell do I do with my gear and character now?"

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