I Hate EBgames and collector editon CTM

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coz that going to make me late for CTM online and i cant start to leveling with my friends(they can brought game online) on the same time!
Late because you have to go pick it up, or late because you're getting it delivered the next day or the day after?

Because the latter really isn't EB's fault- Blizzard has embargoed online stores from shipping the product to arrive in time for release. The earlier isn't exactly their fault either- Blizzard should really bite the bullet and put WoW expansions up for sale the day before the expansion unlocks for precisely this reason.
That sucks mate. you should have went with a not-so-high profile local store, im allowed to pick up my copy HOURS before its active.
What's the deal with not allowing to be sold before it comes out? They get home, install it, and... ?

Sure it might have ment something if WoW wasn't an MMO, but as it is and it relys entirely on the servers being up for people to play, the idea of the whole midnight release is a bit... out of date?
Is this the same EB Games? My collectors has already been posted. Should have it Monday/Tuesday morning.
oh,is that ture
I got mine in the mail today :D
7pm tomorrow, Melbourne time.
Another person who Received the CE this arvo, thanks EB

I got my collectors edition in the morning :)
Mine arrived this morning :)

<3 EBGames
Got it yesterday morning. Was surprised at EBGames's service. They have uncommonly improved in recent years.

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