Best alliance pvp server?

Well, i understand that blackrock is the best pvp horde server. What is the best alliance pvp server? I hear some people saying azglar, or something like that, but it is about 50/50 on who likes it or who doesn't. I am looking for a EST server that is solid in pve but is really good in pvp.
I am on mannoroth and I feel we have some good talent of PvP'ers. We also dominate WG, and with bg's being open to all? realms it makes for a good server.
As stated Sargeras is a good choice. Have a lot of PvP guilds from the mediocre to the 2400+ range. There is usually a lot of people dueling outside SW and tons of premades happening. I believe Sargeras is centeral time though.
play were yu want

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