70-80, Constant Dungeons or Questing?

So I am either going to be doing constant dungeons or Questing. I play the game in Prot spec 90% of the time. (Also have BoA Cloth Shoulders / Chest, which I use when I turn in quests but then change to kill things).

Which would be faster?
Dungeons for sure is the fastest way to lvl. I would do quests while waiting in que though to build up gold for flying in Cata. Training is 5,000g again.
With Cata right around the corner my normal advice is a little dated.

Normally I would say do enough quests to get to friendly with all the tabard reps, buy their tabards, and then dungeons.

But once cata hits the items from those tabard reps might be useless. In fact since patch 4.0 tanks haven't needed defense, so the wymrest and argent rep grind has been less vital for a new 80.

JP-gear will get you well enough at 80, but by the time you hit 80, some of us might already be 81. Its just about the right number of days from now.

So it might be best to just do dungeons for the human-skill training.

I dont recommend straight dungeon grind. You can do it, but it takes a while unless yopu have dungeon quests. I'd mix it up, dungeon to break the quest monotony, throw in some Alterac Valley runs, etc.

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