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It is very early on, but I have to wonder how can we heroes, fight such a colossus creature? Just his physical size can merely crush any one of us. So it has made me wonder what is to happen. Will it be ancient magic will emerge to aid us? Or will a fallen hero return and aid us in our final hour? This will clearly be a very epic battle, a fight for our lives and Azeroth itself.
My Theory is that the red dragonflight will come to our aid, if you think back to the battle at the wrathgate, the alliance and the horde both lost great people, however one of them has survived and has taken the role of the Lich King, Bolvar. Bolvar did this to fulfill a destiny to save the people of Azeroth. So I am assuming that he will and is resisting Ner'Zhul and keeping the scourage at ease. Bolvar, as we all remember was far from anything human, undead, but of something else, will he command the scourage to fight against deathwing, unleashing the full might of the scourage? Deathwings fire surely will hurt flesh, but its effects are less against the undead. There are some very powerful creatures that were never deployed in our campaign to icecrown citidel, I have a feeling that Bolvars survival agasint the forsakens attack and the cleansing the red dragonflight did that day, is going to have a huge role in cataclysm. This much I am almost certain of, we will not defeat this dragon alone. Any thoughts?
Speaking of Bolvar, I'm waiting for the Val'kyr to pull a "LOL WE WERE SCOURGE ALL ALONG!"

But, I doubt that Bolvar will have anything to do with the Deathwing Fight. Or Cataclysm. After all, it's supposed to be known to the masses that "the Lich King is dead, and that Bolvar Fordragon died with him."
Same way we did it before against Malagyos.
Regardless of China and the great wall thereof, undead are generally MORE vulnerable to fire, not less. Necrotic, nonliving flesh burns a lot faster than living, healthy tissue.
Jeez you know how many people suggest Bolvar for just about anything on these forums? When he said "now go, and never return" I didn't really take it as a "Hey come visit anytime you need some help!" message so much as a "My life is ruined now leave me alone." message.
i wish malagoys would some how come back and say look every1 i am cured then get the blues and all the other flights to destroy him with us
That is good, never considered the red dragonflight actually doing the tanking and we handle adds, maybe some sort of clicking method in there like magtheridon.

Magni kills Deathwing.
12/04/2010 10:41 PMPosted by Cesarion
im betting its a fight where the nozdormu and Ysera and tanking him ans Alextraza is healing, our main task will be to fight a lot of adds and mini bosses, our healers to help out Alextraza, and in between add and boss waves our dps will help burn down deathwing (i would also not be surprised if blizz threw some vehicle (drake riding) fighting in there at some point)

I'd imagine Kalecgos would want in on the fight too
There is no way Bolvar is coming back in Cataclysm. That's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early....

I do believe he will play a major role in an expansion further along down the road, but not this one.

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