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Shattered Hand
Panther Moderns is looking for old and new members to join us in Cataclysm. We have been together for 8 years and are looking for dedicated players to join us in BGs and World PvP. We are a PvP guild with the occasional PvE. We have been on Shattered Hand since the birth of WoW. We have been semi inactive during WotLK and the end of BC. Back for one last shot at what is hopefully the PVP expansion we have been looking for. We dont care about your gear score or your Arena Rating, we look for skill and the ability to follow directions.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of our guild feel free to post an App on our forums. Please visit www.panther-moderns.com
It's good to see old school still around!

Even if it does mean I'm going to die more often again. lol
12/08/2010 5:25 AMPosted by Vashkoda
12/07/2010 10:54 PMPosted by Cassiopea
It's good to see old school still around!

Even if it does mean I'm going to die more often again. lol

You know you want mini furry bear butt to hump your dead corpse. <3

edit; I won't gank you but if you already dead I won't hesitate to hump you. ;p
lol Is this where I purr or merely grin and wait with baited breath? :D
We like big bumps! <3
/love you guyz!!!
your lovely hemo humpS!
You'll never take me alive!!!!!
Panther Moderns
Whoa... from the depths it rises!
WOW ! ! !
Bump for Old Guildies
You guys still looking for PvPers or was all that bumping in the last 2 days for SnGs?
We want PvPers. We are ALWAYS looking.
Send me a tell in game if you're interested :)
Bringing it back to the top and making it happen!!! BTW, hemo, you missed one heck of a night tonight. Me, herpie and Prof walked, I said walked, into the ally base naked and danced...was amazing...will post the pics tomorrow. And we one upped the TC's by dissing their lowest model citizen, if ya know what I mean ;)P NAKED 1V1....as always, Panther Moderns.
But seriously, we need more healers, and alot more DPS for total chaotic WORLD DOMINATION! I can't wait...I LOVE THIS GUILD!!!!

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