Stupid Divinity question

So it's late, and this is one of those things I feel like I should know already, but the tooltip for Divinity says it increases the healing done by me, and the healing done to me by 6% at 3/3. SO, does that mean heals I cast on myself are 12% more effective? I heal for 6% more, and I receive another 6% more healing? Just wondering if Divinity double dips on self heals.
It does double dip but its not additive.


This means you receive 12.36% more healing when you heal yourself.
Well fantastic then, thanks :) That actually makes me dislike having divinity in my Prot tree slightly less.

Not really related but this question occurred to me when I was looking at the Holy Priest talent Blessed Resilience. It seemed lackluster when I looked at it, seems even more so knowing how much of a buff to self healing a tier 1 Prot talent gives. Oh well, just a silly observation. As I've been leveling my priest I've noticed a lot of peculiar talents in their trees. It makes me feel like either I really don't understand my Priest's mechanics yet, or Blizz doesn't really understand them either.

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