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i bought wow 30/11 and my acc still on trial. On my acc the payment status is queued, what does it means? i couldnt found at supports page
If I'm recalling the message from the hold queue, it means that there could be something wrong with your financial institution clearing the payment. Try contacting them first, but if you get no joy you'll want to get in touch with Billing using the contact details in the 'Important Contacts' sticky at the top of this forum.
hmm, its ok with my credit card i dunno prob its just a delay cuz a lot of poeple bought wow in that promotion but, im gonna call blizz when it opens
its still processing they had an issue from the influx of orders and quite possible they have to do manual processing for a lot of them.
i need help to, my friend is queud and i was to but my dad did it for me and now he doesent remember how to fixe it could you plz tell me what to do it say he need to upgrade to gets these feature but he payed and unstaled the game

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