Why are paladins the most played class?

couse therer crazy fun and can do all 3 tank heal and dps
Paladins weren't overpowered through ICC, that I'm sure of. My alts could all keep up, and I always struggled to keep up with a good player of just about any class. Thats the way it should be.

What made paladins the most commonly played class is that they can access 3/4 play styles (no ranged dps/caster.. though a shockadin might be possible now, till blizzard fixes it). Also, we can be blood elves. If blood elves could be druids, then hey.. they might be more popular. Also, druids don't every really change in appearance.. which is a drawback for a lot of people.

Paladins also tend to be less stressful than other classes do to the unique "rotation" that each spec had. Ret was bop a mole, which was easy to do well decently with even if you were the average player with no understanding of a rotation. Prot was similar. Holy could get away with hitting one button, and only had to heal a couple people. Again, for someone that is inexperienced or relatively unskilled, this is easy.

Please, do not take this as paladins are all unskilled. I'm just saying that the paladin class as a whole was difficult to screw up. It was forgiving. Compare that to a rogue, and you'll see why paladins are more numerous.
They are the most fun hands down.
Pallies are the most played class because of all the FOTM players and Blizzard being unable to make its mind up whether they want to buff us or nerf us to the ground. If you notice, everytime we become "OP" there is a swarm of pallies running around, and when we get the nerf hammer they all disappear back to their mains. This is the only reason pallies are played so much more than other classes; while they stay around the same, we pallies continue to deal with buffs/nerfs. Most of the nerfs I've seen aren't that bad and I find work arounds to still pull my own weight in raids and pvp; but of course there will always be bads around and they just give up and go play the OP class of the month.
Personally, you would think people would stop playing them after seeing all those bruises on their foreheads....../smash smash keyboard smash smash win

i have a pally too, he's my gatherer
The #1 reason is FAR AND AWAY lore. That's why I'm a paladin and have been for 5 years.

Uther and the Silver Hand bro. WC3 as humans was pretty much pally-centric and awesome for it.
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blame the flavor of the monther's. They will all be rolling frost mages and hopefully our population will drop to only good players.

Pallies and rogues have always been the most played, but since rogues can't buy a raid or guild invite, now pallies are alone as most played. When all these fail rets can't get into raids come Cata, that will fix it....a bit.

Rogues are usually the least played next to warlocks and shamans.
Worgen can not be paladins, the alliance paladin population will plummet. Trolls can now be druids.. the horde druid population will skyrocket.

At some point i think paladins will be put on a more even playing field with the rest.. now if only we could do something about the death knights.
I think it's because Bwaargh posts here.
Honestly coming into this game on your own, you don't know which class will be "easy". You only know that if you have people to tell you.

I personally rolled Paladin because of the little write up on them. I liked the idea of the archetype they played [knight in shining armor] as well as the versatility, cause I only saw druids who could also tank/dps/heal, and as a new player, I had no idea what I would end up enjoying the most. That's just imo though. I'm sure everyone has different reasons.
Its the Archetype. Paladins: The proverbial Good guy, white knight, protector of the innocent bane of evil archetype is very popular.

Don't let any of these noobs that think it has anything to do with gameplay fool you. In TBC Paladins were underpowered in just about every way possible and we were still the most played class in the game.

In classic, our raid role was literally a buff/cleanse bot that would reapply 5 minute buffs to 40 people every 5 mins and spam cleanse during most raid encounters and we STILL were the most played class on alliance side.

Game play wise, Paladins historically were one of the most boring frustrating classes to play but we've always had a ton of them walking around. It's because of the archetype.
There are two big reasons why Paladins are so popular - 1. Paladin was the only melee non-Rogue oriented class the Blood Elves, who are by far the most popular horde race, could be (prior to Cata) and 2. Ret Pallies received a big boost in playability in Wrath, which meant a lot more people were attracted to the class (because DPS is, bar none, the most popular role in the game). Combine those with Plate mail, the ability to heal and 2 special mounts and there's really no question as to why Paladin is the most popular class.

Since neither of the 2 new races in Cata will have Paladin as a selectable class, I think we'll see the percentages drop as people head for Mages (the new flavor of the month), Druids (Worgen are set to be VERY popular and Druids are always popular) and Death Knights (to access high end content more quickly). Of course with the "big secret" about Tanks and Healers recieving preferential treatment in the Dungeon Finder may soften the Paladin's fall from grace (some what).

Reck bomb was so much better.
Personally, I've always most enjoyed the classes that are extremely defense oriented and hard to kill in all role-playing games. More of the "I'm doing terrible damage but I'm going to outlast you anyway." kind of gameplay.

Paladin is the closest to this in Warcraft, easy choice.
Because we can dress in drag and shinies and people will just go "aww you silly paladins you".

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