Why are paladins the most played class?

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Because we can heal while wearing plate.

Would you kindly stop promoting this ridiculous overstatement. Plate + heals is not in any way superior to no plate + heals. Other healing classes have their own tools.

True but other healing classes have to find ways to survive being beaten besides not doing much or using Bubble. Tell a Disc Priest or Druid that plate doesn't matter. Having to kite in travel form and utilize CC while also healing is a bit more tricky then using Holy Shock + WoG throw in a Exo and HoW to top it off.

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Basically http://cdn.cad-comic.com/comics/1180845162c11679lo2qbccf27504.jpg
They've been overpopulated pretty much since launch, like any game I should think it's obvious why - the easiest // most powerful classes attract the largest number of players. Toss in the fact that they have access to every archetype (healer/dps/tank, druids do as well but certain aspects make them less appealing to people on the whole) and suddenly you don't even need to have an alt.

Hell even I'm considering it for my return to WoW, the game mechanics are such that there are many reasons to choose paladin and unless you want to be ranged dps it seems there's not really any reason not to do so.
easy to play ? always made me laugh when people said that , I find that Mages , Spriest ,druids , Shammys , DKS far more easy then My ret pally . Heck you dont even need a action bar for Mages and Spriest . But anyways that was never the reason why i wanted to make a paladin . I made paladin because of what they are this holy Knight just always seemed Bad!@% to me . Also the jack of all trades blah blah means nothing if you dont enjoy playing the other specs . My healer is a restro shammy and my tank is a druid .
Everyone's said it:

Ability to play any role
Was FotM in Wrath

Being able to wear plate and heal only really matters in PvP. In PvE groups/raids, you shouldn't be getting hit, and while leveling, you shouldn't be healing.

Other healers may lack plate, but they pick up more utility because of it. Remember back in BC when all the PvPers were playing Druids (for Resto HoT's on the run) and Locks (who were just PvP beasts at the time)?

In Wrath, it was Paly/DK teams that dominated. Unsurprisingly, that's what you saw.

All through WoW's history, until Wrath, Hunters were actually more played than Paladins. In Wrath, the Hunter community kind of got split with a lot of them going to DKs, which is why now DKs and Paladins are on the top.

Paladins in Cata won't plummet in numbers, because a LOT of people just like the archetype (I did mention that, didn't I?), but we'll lose all the FotM rollers as they move on to whatever's big in the next arena season. Just like a lot of the Druids went Paly for Wrath and the Locks went DK.

And you NEVER know what it'll be next. The big competition in Cata may be Mage/Shaman, for all we know. ^_^

Also: Cecil and Beatrix are both awesomesauce. I liked Stiner too, though. :p He grew on ya after a while. ^_^ And what guy (and some girls) didn't dream of being a heroic guy swinging a sword and shield when they were kids? :D

...not counting those that dreamed of casting powerful magics, of course. :p
its funny, after lvl 29, i never seen a ret again in BGs while lvling my new hunter (which hit 80 yesterday HURRAY!). every single paladin i seen was ether holy and unkillable or prot and crit me for 2k dmg at a time. when my max hp was 1300 in full BOAs and soaking wet with buffs.

imo, tanks dmg needs to be nerfed into oblivion and make tanks abilities scale with THREAT and not dmg. it made sense and was balanced for vanilla and BC, so why change it?
Well the reason tanks are doing so much damage is to HOLD threat. And don't worry, it scales down as they level. It's really high in the lower to mid levels to help new players/tanks learn how to tank and not have to worry about all the new dps players pealing agro off them.

It's also partially to help tanks with soloing/dailies, and to keep the DPS from having all the fun with big numbers and high dps. :) I think it's cool that as a tank I can keep up with the lower 1/3rd of dpsers. :p

Sure as heck doesn't happen when I heal... <_<
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blame the flavor of the monther's. They will all be rolling frost mages and hopefully our population will drop to only good players.

Pallies and rogues have always been the most played, but since rogues can't buy a raid or guild invite, now pallies are alone as most played. When all these fail rets can't get into raids come Cata, that will fix it....a bit.

Your memory must not reach back very far. Simply put, you are wrong.
The plate+healing is quite underwhelming now. Every other healer gets a damage reduction talent that applies to physical AND magical. Oddly enough, i feel squisher on my paladin than on my priest/druid, never got into resto shaman for bgs.
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They seem to be far and away the most played class in the game. Why is that? Because of plate + healing? Easy PvE soloing? Concept?

Concept. Most people like to think of themselves as good, righteous even. The smiter of evil in the name of the Big Guy Upstairs is a powerful concept in a game in which true evil exists.
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Its the Archetype. Paladins: The proverbial Good guy, white knight, protector of the innocent bane of evil archetype is very popular.

Don't let any of these noobs that think it has anything to do with gameplay fool you. In TBC Paladins were underpowered in just about every way possible and we were still the most played class in the game.

In classic, our raid role was literally a buff/cleanse bot that would reapply 5 minute buffs to 40 people every 5 mins and spam cleanse during most raid encounters and we STILL were the most played class on alliance side.

Game play wise, Paladins historically were one of the most boring frustrating classes to play but we've always had a ton of them walking around. It's because of the archetype.

Blizzard has always done a good job with the paladin class in the warcraft series and diablo2.

What this guy said is true, its the idea behind the class. The holy warrior, good guy, knight in shining armor. Trust me, the class at release was terrible in design, raiding was a nightmare and in terms of anything but a buff/cleanse bott, we were underpowered.

Anyone who believes otherwise is naive.
I play my paladin the most because I can do everything. Heal, tank and dps. I can never decide on one thing for more than 3 months. haha
I stopped playing my paladin as much because, I can't fight a spellcaster without becoming pissed off.
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I stopped playing my paladin as much because, I can't fight a spellcaster without becoming pissed off.

try being a warrior
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I stopped playing my paladin as much because, I can't fight a spellcaster without becoming pissed off.

try being a warrior

eh, its pretty bad on both sides. At least warriors have spell reflect as well as a few other nice toys.

It's nice not dying to a warlock's dots AFTER i've killed him though, that's one thing that REALLY irks me when I'm on my warrior.
Try playing a warrior and going back to a paladin...

The amount of mobility and tools warriors really have is disgusting when compared to pallys.
I've always liked the way they healed. Reminded me of Druids in vanilla and I kind of missed that. Took me forever to get around to leveling one though.

Edit: Edge > All

It is second to Death Knights and both are at about 12%. Paly and Druid are the only classes that can be DPS, Healer, and Tank which lends to a lot of diversity and time that can be spent learning all three aspects and roles to the class.

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