Fastest Spec to Level?


What is the best spec to level. I will be doing mostly questing and am thinking that ret would be the best soloing?

If you know how to tank, go prot and do instances.

If you don't know how to tank, go prot and solo.
So prot is the best to quest?
ill be leveling ret with shockadin offspec. However Prot will be the fastest. Seems silly i know.
It's probably prot. I've been leveling a Warrior as Prot and my Prot spec kills stuff faster solo than my Fury spec does. :S

Level 42 and my Revenge/Shield Slam crit for over 1k. Fun times.
I have been really considering going ret gear and prot spec the survivability and damage seam to be the best way to go and when you need to jump into a dungeon that can be done too.
I have leveled both my paladins to 80 as ret. I had decided long ago that when cat came out I would try prot. When the spells/talent changes hit ptr I was trying out prot and it was a very viable and fast way to level so I decided that it was a good decision.
Prot for instance - get almost instant que's
Ret for questing - kills faster and travels faster

Get dual spec.

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