Best/Funny Paladin Names

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i made a paly called nickiminhoj... how bout that?...
saw a dude named holycow wonce.
Tauren ret paladin - Bovinestorm
<--- Nuff said
If it were a tauren I'd go with Retbull, or SaintAngus.

If you're looking for something that sticks in a head though? Do a one word name.

Wings. (I personally love that one, specially when you're ret.)

Since you're a Draenei you could call yourself Hooves, I guess.

My personal favorite names are the abstract ones that have nothing to do with the game though. I ran into a dude with the name "Diningtable" 2 years ago and I STILL remember him fondly.

Since Draenei are so shapeless in full gear, maybe you could be "Fridge" or "Bureau"

Or do something that obviously belongs in another class so people will be confused. My prot warrior's name is Longshot.
Example, you could call yourself "IceBarrier" And watch people double take =D

EDIT: Screw it man, do Bureau. It cracks me up every time I see it.
<--- Nuff said
Paladative - Pally
Priestish - Priest
Shammilitic - Shammy
Druidous - Drood
Huntest - Huntard (Lvl 1)

------------those are mine
Thanks :)
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just sex changed and named changed to Sarahpaladïn
06/07/2011 03:19 PMPosted by Strangcheeze
i made a paly called nickiminhoj... how bout that?...

I used to have Xaltor which is an awesome name but i named this one Alaric after the leader of the goths who took down Rome, pretty epic if you ask me
If you use the words "paladin", "bubble", "holy", "adin", "pally", or "judgement (in any incarnation)" you deserve to be shot.

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