Best/Funny Paladin Names

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I enjoy my paladin's name, though I wish I had more BoA to get him up through the levels
I like your name :)
I've seen "Derpadin" with "Herpadin" before
Tauren Pally=Holycow
Jeebus Crust
I honestly like it when I see a paladin with the title "Crusader" named Strike
If you think your life suck, you need Lifesavor
I personally like mine "Zael". Ya know like "zeal" as in religious fervor? :D
<---- Yeah? Anyone?
03/30/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Legoship
That name is just CRA. ZEE. I personally like mine for a used-to-be Draenei and a Belf (Not saying mine is the best, cause honestly i've seen a LOT better names than mine that make me just say Omg, why didnt i come up with that name and What the crap is wrong with me?) But yeah. My name prolly isnt the best, but I like it. Thumbs up if you think all that matters is that the character creator likes the name and doesnt give a crap about other peoples opinions. /thumbs up for myself
Shinyshoes, I don't know why but that was the most endearing name I've ever seen for a Tauren Prot pally.

I assume if he could wear shoes, they would indeed be shiny.
OpenLibram of course, silly pallys.

But I don't see your name!

hahah ;)

Get it?


Bravehearth is also a really awesome pally name I think.
I like the name Retbull (IMO best if a tauren paly has it tho.)

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