Best/Funny Paladin Names

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my name is the best so i win :D!
Pauladeen - Only profession is 525 in Cooking..and only makes fried food.


TBH i haven't seen a lot of funny names...I think the funny name thing was topped at the male priest named Crossblesser.
this thread is booooorrring. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Best name for tauren prot/ret paladin/warrior. Taurminator. Boom.

Just Kade.
I like to pretend that everyone that nominates themselves in these dumb threads all have a meetup somewhere to self fellate with like minded people over how awesome their name is, and right as they're all gathering at the coffee shop and getting settled, a runaway 18 wheeler filled with napalm and AIDs slams into the shop and explodes.

Generally more-so for HPally's.
i have a friend who's name is Judgemehard. i lol whenever he logs
Tauren paladins might want to consider Retbull if you are gonna be Retribution, Holycow for healers, and Meatshield for tanks. Hope this helps!
One of a kind.

Don't ruin it for me, I feel special.
Lol I'd actually expect that from a Paladin player.
<----- *hic*
12/04/2010 08:46 PMPosted by Pricklypetes

I signed in just to say that that is the best name by far, Lol'd very hard.

But my name is a shoe-in

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