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I'm a 5+ year player (vanilla, tbc, wrath), aged 40+++ seeking an active, stable and semi-casual leveling/raiding guild on Thrall; prefer guild whose members are older (30+ish), mature/friendly/sociable and jerk/xxxhat/drama -free as possible. I will be rolling a Goblin Elemental Shaman as my main to revitalize my enjoyment of the game and progress to the end with a solid group of like-minded folks. Currently I reside on US-Area 52 - just waiting for the right time to transfer.

I tested the Cataclysm Beta (3 months until it ended) and enjoyed the changes Blizz made to the game mechanics and environment. It would be great to start fresh with a solid group of folks to experience WoW as if it were brand new. I enjoy questing, exploration, achievements, in-game events, dailies, 5m dungeons, and 10m content. I've leveled multiple 80's covering all the RDPS classes and skillfully played them through to WRATH (well at least I believe I did, although not an elistist pro by any means). And YES, I do know when to "GTFO of the Fire!" A Vent interview is agreeable for discussion and vent information can be sent to my email address at the end.

Armory Links - cut/paste since imbedded links don't seem to work:
80 Druid: cleftfoot@Area 52 - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Area+52&n=Cleftfoot

80 Hunter: bonecleaver@Area 52 - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Area+52&n=Bonecleaver - Bone has more content experience but isn't 100% representative of my 5 yrs - I've retired most of my 80's

All the above plus the following critieria (in no particular order):
    - Guild Members that are adult, mature, older (30ish+), working professionals, parents and others that value RL over the game, hate l33t-speak and drama-llamas, friendly, have a sense of humor, a willingness to help guildies and are active in-game beyond once in a blue moon. I detest any behavior that makes for a horrific experience but I do enjoy friendly ribbing, constructive critique and the like. I play for relaxation not stress over pixels.
    - I'm transferring to Thrall since a US-CST server where scheduled events start around 8:00/8:30PM server time (I'm EST) and last 1 to 4 hours better suit my RL schedule.
    - My Semi-casual playstyle is not defined as playing one day, taking 3 off, coming back a month later; but rather as being active daily in order to accomplish individual and guild goals. As far as raiding goes, I prefer 10m over 25's, a fair loot distribution system, relaxed rules/attendenace requirements with a long-term goal to progress as far as possible. I enjoy the raiding aspects of the game just not in the "hardcore 25hr a day" sense.
    - Plus many other attributes that make for a fun, friendly, enjoyable, stress-free gaming experience that would make this really TL;DR if listed

As experience goes, I have completed or at least started most content (including 10m raids) up to but not including ICC. My Wrath 5man content and 10m raiding was a horrific experience due to former guild(s) imploding or disbanding over drama of all types, asshat mentality, elistists thinking their stuff doesn't stink and so forth. I will be transferring my 80 Druid moonie (Cleftfoot) once I have settled into a stable community to help out as an alt but he is in need of upgrades (he's in mostly T9 gear) and more content experience.

Think I've said enough - you can either contact me here or via higash.forsaken@gmail.com
I think <Atonement> has what you're looking for.

We're a guild founded by myself and half a dozen other friends whom I've raided with since the early days of BC. We're adults, several of us (including myself) married, with our spouses playing as well.

Our biggest goal with the guild is to create an environment where Adults who have careers and families can come and play the game in a stress-free environment. We want a place where we don't have to sacrifice ingame friendships, or neglect our real lives, to get ahead.

We will be fielding a 10-man raid team who will raid twice a week, on Tues and Wed nights. We also will be organizing an open raid on Friday nights where members who can't commit to a regular raid team can still be involved at-will.

In addition to raiding, we'll be encouraging activities such as old instance runs, PVP, crafting, etc. to obtain guild achievements with the new guild leveling system.

If you're interested in hearing more, feel free to contact me ingame or here on the forums. You can also check out our website at http://atonement.wowstead.com

Hope to hear from you!
Hey Cleftfoot. Wraith Illuminati is what your looking for. We are primarily made up of exactly the kind of people your looking for. We basically have two rules. First RL comes first, and second no drama...period. If you would like more info pst. me or Kalryk in game.
Thanks for the information Monte and Mith. I've added both of your guilds to my "short-list" of possible new homes since both seem to mesh with my goals. I will contact you ASAP with any questions/concerns.
Nice! I saw you on our website earlier, glad you're checking it out. Hope to hear from you!
LMAO! See you're a night owl as well!
LOL yup... I'm up till about 6AM Eastern. So I tend to get a lot of Forum surfing done.

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