[A] Guild looking to "Buy" a legendary.

Shattered Hand
Small guild looking to "purchase" someone willing to !!##* out their legendary for the guild achievements.

All we require you to do, is stay in the guild the day before cataclysm releases (the 6th) till cataclysm "unlocks" at 12:00pm and the achievement is granted. Multiple legendary items would be great, however only 1 is required.

Require you to provide proof of legendary/s (Via armory). If for some reason the achievement is not granted upon release, you'll be paid for your time/effort anyway.

Leave a message here, or send an in game mail or whisper to "Blankalt" for more information.
If this is strictly for the guild legendary achievement, I was under the impression that you couldnt attain the achievement via grandfathering items, that you would need to newly acquire said legendaries in order to finish the achievement.
I hate to break it to you, but the person with the legendary has to get a certain rank with the guild. Either honored or Revered.

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