[A] <average> recruiting 10 cataclysm.

Hi all :)

<average> is a recently established guild created to achieve success in 10 man cataclysm. Typically, we are looking for commitment and dedication from our raiders to accomplish all that we are capable of. Started by myself and a real life friend, we have established a group of people that have had vast amounts of experience in Vanilla/BC and Wrath. People in the group so far have come from top end raiding groups and have secured many commendable, 'back in the day' achievements such as 10 man metas when 10% buff was around in ICC as well as 25 man Ulduar metas, pre-toc etc. Currently we are looking for:

1x Restoration Shaman
1x Holy/disc priest

We are looking for experienced and well-rounded raiders who have a large potential to get along with other people inside and outside a raiding situation. Patience and initiative is central to the Guild's potential progression and we expect this from our raiders, in return we will guarantee your success in Cataclysm.

If you're interested please contact Dathedr, Akmen or Sylx on Frostmourne, in-game via mail or whisper. Or visit our website average.guildlaunch.com :)

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