Best Ret Paladin Spec for Pve

Just curious as to what the best ret spec in your opinion currently is as well as the glyphs I should use. I just started playing again a few days ago , so I'd appreciate your input:) Thanks
this will be the highest damage
this assumes your expertised caped, just switch judge with truth for glyphs until you are.
Ret specs are very very easy to do, there is not many choices to make, everything besides selfless healer, and repentance in this build is mandatory. But they are the best choices for a pve situation sometimes it's good to heal others, and you get a dps gain. rebuke can also be good to interrupt mobs/boss spells. for secondary glyphs it doesn't matter besides free HoW.

edit: another poster will probably say run speed and our intercept is not a dps gain, but there brains are tiny and can't grasp getting to a mob/boss quickly means you hit them sooner.

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