[H] [Interpol] Recruiting for Cataclysm

<Interpol> is a brand new guild, founded by my brother and I, in anticipation of Cataclysm. We intend to focus primarily on rated battle grounds, while raiding one to two times per week. This will be a strictly small guild looking for dedicated and consistent players who enjoy excelling at PvP.

If that type of player sounds like you, send an in game tell to myself, Biggfish, or my alt slu...ttfish. Drama, boring people, and especially retards will not be tolerated and promptly kicked.

We are looking for:
    2 Tanks
    4 Healers
    8 DPS

Prior raid experience is not required (lol pve is hard), although we are looking for some form of PvP experience to show us that you're interested in both aspects of the game.

Edit: the forums don't like my alts name... that's two t's.
Its meant to be Interpol like the EU equivalent of the FBI. Or whatever Interpol is exactly.
the band is amazing listen to it

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