How do I spec to help my team?

Me and my three friends are going to make new characters after cataclysm comes out. We'll be doing mostly questing, very few instances.

As a paladin, what am I best off going? Remember, I'm doing very few instances, mostly quests until 85.

btw, the other three are going priest, mage, and hunter. Any ideas what they should spec?
prot. Survivability. you are the only plate wearer, nice dps, and survivability.

Just because you are prot does not mean you need to tank. Yes it is the tanking spec but nothing saying you need to tank.
I also agree with prot. You can use your holy power for Word of glory heals if you need, and you will have a bit more survivability and nice threat. You should be able to run in and aggro a bunch of mobs you need to kill, and watch them all die around you. And your prot spec will be nice for group quests.

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