[H] Proxy 10man progression on Frostmourne

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<About Us>

<Proxy> is a newly formed Cataclysm 10 man raiding guild, comprised of experienced (Vanilla, BC and WotLK) and dedicated players.
We are looking for players to join us, BC raiding experience preferred.(Cataclysm has brought us many changes, which we feel resemble the raiding style of BC, over WotLK.)

We are not concerned with gear, your experience is much more important too us. As is your ability to keep up to date with the changes to your class and your ability to show initiative and learn to play to the best of your classes potential.

A sense of humour is mandatory as well as the ability to show your fellow raiders the same respect they show you.

We are structured, and are aiming to be at the forefront of progression.
If you feel like this guild is a good fit for you, please feel free to apply at www.proxyguild.com

Please note that we are a strictly 18+ guild and this is a preference by the members of the guild.

<Currently Recruiting:>

1 Mage
1 Hunter

<Proxy> would like to be in the forefront of raiding and progression in this expansion and will do everything that is necessary to achieve this.

We expect all raiders to be of the same mind set and same attitude toward raiding and the general guild environment.

<Rules and Policy>
While in this guild you will treat others with respect, kindness and equality.

<Raid Times>
Our raid days will be as follows:

Wednesday: 8pm – 11pm
Thursday: 8pm – 11pm
Sunday: 8pm – 11pm
Please note that raid times will be server time which is AEST.

<Raid Policy>
It is expected that you will be on 10-15minutes prior to the start of the raids unless you have notified the Raid Leader, Officers or GM that you will be getting on at said raid time.

You will be fully repaired, have all consumables, water/food and reagents required of you to perform properly.

It is asked that you have your toon outside the raid instance ready to be invited to the raid group as the first pull will be at 8pm, not seven past.

With limited raiding nights and raiding time, it is important that all players ensure they are ready and on time.

This shouldn’t have to be told but <Deadly Boss Mods>, <Omen Threat Meter> are essential addons that are needed for raiding along with any class specific addons you prefer.

<Loot and loot distribution>
Loot is the by product of progression and that is the mindset of the leaders in this guild. Loot will not be given to people on a favourite basis, it will be spread out equally so that the raid group as a whole will progress stronger rather than just the one person. There is no I in TEAM.

With this being said there may be specific things like trinkets etc that may go up for discussion based on raid performance etc.

<A few things from the officers>
We don’t want to have to hold your hand through the levelling/gearing up process which is the release of cataclysm.
We expect you to level up quickly and gear up in heroics/ grind the required reputations that you need to maximize your character.
We wont be telling you how to gem or enchant, so ensure you know it.
We are here to raid together as a 10man team and are only as strong as our weakest link. So we need you all to be on top of your game for us to achieve and progress at the rate that we want to progress at.

When we aren't raiding, we enjoy sitting on vent and gaming together.
Lawl there's a good <Proxy> on Barth horde. phail

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