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To long has this Dibarkle gone on, To to to to long

Server ratio on Thaurissan (and other servers) Are F@#$ed... Really bad, i inspected Iron forge today using /who 1-80 there was 4 people in ironforge... 30 in SW and 14 in Dalaran.... The 3 Main cities (NO-ONE goes to darn or exodar) had a total population of 48 people... and they were 1-80!!! meaning there was probably about 20 80's.... how are we suppose to Raid, World Pvp, Do anything at all with that Terrible population. Now go on horde there are HUNDREDS of people in just Orgrimmar... in 1 city.

Polls show that their are more Trolls than Alliance in total!

1. Create Free Faction changes from Horde TO Alliance ONLY
2. Block Realm changes as horde th thaur
(Anyone want to add some solutions in comments)

Also blizz if your that stingey money-wise, Instead of making it free, possible half the price for Alli so its only like 15 bucks or somehting for a Faction/realm change to Alliance

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