Prot or Ret for Raiding?

Well Met fellow Paladins,
I have been playing since patch 5.4 and dinged my first character at that point, my pally.
I have experience with Retribution and Protection, and I enjoy both of them quite well. Holy I have not yet tried, but will so in PvP, plus there is no Healing spot for my raiding guild, which will basically be raiding in WoD.

Also note that I only raiding experience with LFR.

So I'm stuck between Ret and Prot which I enjoy both. Last I checked Ret was a mediocre DPS class which depends on Proc, however I still enjoy dishing out damage, and optimizing my stats and gear. One thing however which I dislike about Ret is that basically it's a rotation and DPSing long raid bosses with not a lot of mechanics it gets long and boring, but note that I have no experience in normal raid.

Prot on the other hand I really enjoy the rotation and I really enjoy the aspect of running around and jumping in the bosses and mob groups. What I dislike is that tanks need to know their !@#$ a lot and I don't wan't to be blame for my mistakes because I know I will make some, I don't like having a lot of responsibility. However the healer that I will be with seems really good and we would have good communication. Plus if I got tank, I could queue LFR with my cousin who is also tank, and I could get help from him.

So yeah i'm kind of torn as I have already started gearing up as a DPS and am enjoying it quite some time, I just fear that it will become shallow, however I like that I could join about any raid group because of it.

Tank, well I'm kind of stressed at the idea that I will have a lot of weight on my shoulders, and am kind of stress of going into unknown land. And of being less versatile then Ret.

I'm basically asking for general answer, and a bit of which role is fun. I know that the specs might drastically change and all at WoD but I really want a good idea because I Plan on getting my cloak and I don't want to make a cloak for a spec that I won't use.

ON a side note, I'm not even sure, because I did not check but is it possible to make two cloaks for two different spec, as that would simplify my choice making.

Thanks a lot.
Well the answer right now would be.........why not both?

Protection and Retribution have almost identical statistical priorities.


Hit 7.5% > Expertise 15% > Haste > Mastery > Crit/Dodge/Parry


Hit 7.5% > Expertise 7.5% > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Pretty much except for needing 7.5% more expertise the stats are identical.

As long as you get gear with haste and mastery on it, you pretty much are getting tanking and dps gear in the same shot.

As far as philosophically which one to go with, again, my answer is both, use your dual spec, and put one as protection and one as retribution.

You'll want a retribution spec for leveling, doing dailies, and just in general when you need to dps.

Tank spec will allow you quick queues in LFD, LFR, as well as give you added versatility in a raid team as you can switch on each fight if need be.

As far as how fun each one is, I think Protection is right now in one of the best places it;s been. Sanctity of battle allows us to stack haste for more holy power which tranlsates into more active mitigation, we have really good self-heals with eternal flame (particularly with basion of glory) and do very good damage.

Retribution is very gear dependent for its dps, as your gear improves your dps will go up quite quickly. At high gear levels they are very competitive in PVE, PVP maybe not the bet right now.

Overall, they are both very fun specs to play, check out the tanking and dps stickies in the Paladin forums or the stickies in the tanking forums for more in depth information.

Yes, you can make both cloaks, make the dps cloak first though, the stats are also really good for tanking.

Good luck.
Oh thanks a lot for the clear answer.

Sadly dual spec is a bit complicated as I want to spec Holy for PvP. But I might just change from ret to prot at a trainer as seem fit.

The real problem would be to re-gem my gear all of the time.

Also for the cloak, is, do I need to do ALL the steps a second time for another one or just the last phases?
Both specs have their perks, both prot and ret are heavily reliant on haste and mastery, so subbing around pieces between both specs doesn't mean having 2 completely different sets... well for lfr/flex anyway. Ret has some pretty insane dps on aoe fights spoils/gala/garrosh to name a few. Also ret does have a couple of raid friendly moves (granted not as much as other classes)

TBH if you prefer prot, and have a tank mate to teach you the pulls and mechanics, read a few strats and watch a few videos... then do it! always better to play a spec/class you enjoy than what feels easier.

Oh and once you've attained your first cloak you can purchase any of the other 2 (prot/holy) for 7k gold each at a vendor
Ha, check stats for ret Jirek. Your pulling a me.

Edit: he is right btw

Hit 7.5% > Expertise 15%

Tip : DPS from the rear ;)
03/24/2014 06:24 PMPosted by Berith
Tip : DPS from the rear ;)

Lies, there is only way to smack a boss in the face, and that's in front! lol.

Yeah, disregard that expertise at 15% on ret op, that's prot only, it's correct now.

03/24/2014 05:27 PMPosted by Ethiel
Oh thanks a lot for the clear answer.

Sadly dual spec is a bit complicated as I want to spec Holy for PvP. But I might just change from ret to prot at a trainer as seem fit.

The real problem would be to re-gem my gear all of the time.

Also for the cloak, is, do I need to do ALL the steps a second time for another one or just the last phases?

If you're really set on the Holy for your one spec, then as much as it kills me to say this, you should go ret with the other.

The reason is mainly quality of life and convenience of doing all the other stuff outside of raiding. Often dailies as protection feel a lot more grindy and time consuming (to me anyway) ret just lets you get through those things faster, and having a dps spec is gonna be helpful when you have to level at WoD launch.

As far as the cloak, no, once you do it once you can just buy a second cloak (it's pricy though).
First of all, in PVE Ret is far from mediocre. Right now we are AOE gods with middle of the pack single target. Our base line proc Art of War is almost not a factor as exorcism is our lowest priority and Divine Purpose (talent) is easily skipped over for the far superior Sacred Wrath. The only other procs are from legendary cloak, legendary meta gem, trinkets, and our T16 4 piece, so the same procs that most other classes are getting. The factor that RNG really has in the equation is on add packs where the question is: will we do awesome aoe or super awesome AOE. Ret really is a good strong raiding class with some great utility in the form of Hand of Protection, Devotion Aura, Hand of sacrifice, and Lay on Hands. Of course, Prot has all the same bonuses.

If you're strictly doing instances then Prot/Holy could work out great for you, however if you're doing anything out in the world Ret really is going to be a big quality of life improvement.

If you have friends willing to run LFR with you, there should be no problems jumping into the responsibility of tanking, so I think you're in a good place to start tanking right now,

Finally, you don't have to commit to either one, it's not that hard to triple spec right now. I used an addon called "action bar saver" to save my action bars, then you just go to the trainer, re-spec, reset your talents and glyphs and off you go. If you're going to get serious about it at some point you'll probably want to only run 2 specs but if you're just doing LFR and maybe some flex you can change it up from week to week, no need to make a decision right now since most of the gear is good for both specs.

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