Holy Pally (gear assist)

Is my reforging correct for my current gear? My Gems?My Enchants?

I know I am wearing PvP rings and old ToT shoulders, but I haven't hit any replacements yet.

Thank you.
You're right in the middle of the two EF haste breakpoints. You either should reforge down to the 3506 one, or go for the 7170 one. At 547, you should be able to hit the 7170, but don't give up a load of mastery to get there.

You have a legendary cloak, but no legendary meta, so fix that. That would allow you to drop a lot of spirit in your gemming, which you can either put towards mastery, or hitting the 7170 haste breakpoint.

Finally, grab a belt buckle and throw in a 320 mastery gem, and enchant your shoulders.
Why are you reforging into crit? You want haste to a break point and then mastery. For the content you are doing you seem to have too much spirit to me. I cleared normal SOO with about 12k spirit (although I had the legendary meta gem). You can probably afford to lose some of that spirit and put it into haste or mastery. You might want to think about the orange Int + Mastery gems (artful) in red sockets rather than the purified if you're trying to match sockets but that's down to how much spirit you want to have so up to you. I prefer the Spirit + Mastery gems for blue sockets (zen).

Also Holy Avenger is probably a better choice for 5th talent slot as it gives you another cooldown to amp up your heals (use it to blanket the raid with 3 HP EFs). Alternatively you could take Divine Purpose but you need to make sure you are tracking the procs so you make full use of it. Sanctified Wrath isn't really recommended as you should be generating enough HP with HS + HR.
I've retooled based on your suggestions and thank you.

I will grab a legendary gem as soon as I get the gems together.

I have my shoulder enchant sitting in my bag right now, in hopes I don't have to waste mats making another this week ;) /RNG gods hear me.

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