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I've been using ask mr.robot for gear priority for a while now. Joined a Garrosh Pug today and was told my dps was too low.

Was wondering what kind of DPS I should be doing normally with what I currently have.

I'm following the rotation as close as possible, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong or if my gear isn't optimal.
The problem with your gear is that you're missing 4-bonus-set. which increases both single target (a little) and multi-target (a LOT) DPS
Your hit is a bit too high. Also try and get your T16 4p. Help pad numbers during phase 1, and is a great gap filler if your haste is sub 50%
What difficulty, what was your dps, and how much were you aoeing.
Normal Garrosh, around 190k overall for the fight and AoE rotation during the orc adds during P1.

During the AoE in P1, I think I was doing around 320k.
At the expense of your precious ilvl score (which is everything if you're mainly a pug raider) you'd really do better to be using even flex tier pieces over WF items for the same slot. 4 pieces is huge. Also, I hope the loot gods grand unto you a better weapon, that' a huge loss right there. Due to not having a normal weapon and not having 4 piece, I'd say your gear score is deceptive and may set unrealistic expectations from groups you pug into.

Phase one, if you have the 4 piece should easily be able to hit 600-800k after that it's down hill. By the end of the fight (which slowly averages down the insane burst of phase one) with that gear I'd expect you to be above 200k. (I'd also check logs to see how many interrupts you had).

This includes switching from the boss to mind controlled players, interrupting the healing add in phase 1, backing away form whirling corruptions, generally prioritizing survival over dps,etc. You know, fighting the boss rather than fighting the meters.

I only have 1 Garrosh kill, my guild got him two weeks ago. Our dps was as follows
239k frost mage
236k ret pally (me) ilvl 563 and certainly not by best performance ever
229k ww monk
211k hunter
198k enhance shamen (healer's offspec)
195k blood DK, main tank
178k hunter assigned to iron star
131k bm monk, add tank
disc priest probably had a good 80k plus
resto druid probably has next to zero

Your armory history looks like you're either a pug raider or an alt. So I probably don't need to explain to you some of the unfair expectations that some groups may have. Pug groups will often demand higher DPS to compensate for the lower coordination you will get from not being a regular team. So I could see a pug getting kicked you even if you were doing ok damage simply because they were looking for someone to carry or the entire raid was so uncoordinated that higher dps was only way to win. If you've pugged into OQ flex on wing 4 you how badly it can go if the group isn't somewhat over geared.
You have a Flex weapon. 190k overall for Garrosh doesn't sound bad. Weapon is actually a pretty big source of damage.

ilvl 564 or not, the weapon is holding you back.
Thanks for the info everyone, no str 2 handers have been dropping for weeks now and I've been getting gold every time with the tokens. Gonna keep trying to get a normal weapon and finish off my set!
Just know that Thok is your bestie best friend - bis weapon, tier head (also bis), trinket (bis again). That's three items you are rolling for on him.

And if I were you, I would spend my other two rolls per week on Sha (sword), and if you can get in a good group - Garrosh - either legs or shoulders (only use if they won't break your 4p when you get it, but they are technically bis since they have an extra socket, although your wf pieces in those slots are nice, so... you'll have to do the math), chance at 2 weapons on kill (one is boa, and cannot be bonus rolled for :( ), and a token that can be used for any tier piece.

Also, I would try to replace the Sorrowpath ring with preferably the ring from spoils, and second choice would ring from siege. Keep the sorrowpath ring though, in case you ever get hit starved.

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