I've never been good at DPS

Which is why I'm main spec holy, but I've recently fallen into a lot of Ret gear and am giving it a go, and I can't seem to break 200k without using major cooldowns together. Any pro Ret paladins out there that can look at my armory and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: Don't comment on my second trinket, it's all I have atm.
4-Set Bonus is a must even in Single-Target Rotation (the proc is used before CS,Judgement,Exo and TV), your haste is okay if you reach the 4-bonus, otherwise you'll need 50% which is unreachable as far as I'm concerned

Never waste holy power if you're not with 5 HP and there are holy power generators to be used. Always try to reach 5 before using Templar's Verdict

Also, as far as I know, Dancing Steel is used

hope I could help a little with the information I gathered on forums the last months

aaand you're lacking procs from trinkets, your DPS will go crazy with a normal/heroic Evil Eye of Galakras and Thok's Tail Tip

Also, when you get Galakras' Trinket, use Sanctified Wrath instead of Holy Avenger
The lack of enchantments and a belt buckle are certainly an issue, though I'm sure you're well aware of that. You should also invest in some better enchantments for the items that are already enchanted, such as a Dancing Steel for your weapon or 180 strength for your bracers.

A lack of a T16 four set bonus, or any four set bonus in particular, is definitely hampering your damage. Despite what you would think prior, it's still a solid DPS increase over the T15 four piece and is incredible on any multi-target fight, which is the vast majority of this content tier.

You're above both your expertise and hit caps. Although it's a given you'll probably be stretching above one or the other when gearing up over time, you should still aim for a 7.50% rating for each stat. Every point of expertise or hit over this cap could be invested in haste or mastery instead.

I'd personally utilize the socket bonus in your cloak. An investment of 140 strength and 160 haste/mastery should outweigh a flat 320 haste/mastery gem.

The tanking ring obviously needs to go. Aim for a ring that grants a combination of haste/mastery/expertise. Whichever ring you use will come down to the itemization of the rest of your gear set. As for the off trinket, get yourself an Evil Eye of Galakras as soon as possible.
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Never waste holy power if you're not with 5 HP and there are holy power generators to be used. Always try to reach 5 before using Templar's Verdict

This is incorrect. If you are less than 5hp and equal to or greater than 3hp and you have a holy power generator available for use (cs, j, exo <- priority of use btw) then you use the hp generator. However, if you are at 3 or 4 hp and you do not have one of those three abilities off cd, then you use TV or DS (as the situation calls for).

Inq > ES (> 5HP T16 Free DS) > 5HP TV > HoW > CS > Judge > ( T16 Free DS) > Exo > 3-4HP TV (> SS)

The above is a priority, not a rotation. I changed it a little from the sticky's because you should use hp generator's that are off cd before you use a free ds (gotta build that hp). However, what it does NOT mean is always wait until 5hp before using TV or DS. It means if you have 5hp, then you NEED to burn them by using TV or DS. If you have >= 3hp, then use a hp generator IF it is off CD, IF NOT then use TV or DS.

It also doesn't hurt you to delay your ES up to 7-8 secs if you are waiting for AW, GoAK or more importantly a str proc trinket to proc. Only wait up to 7 or 8 seconds, though, anything more is a dps loss because you will start to miss out on ES casts over the duration of the fight.

Edit: OP, what do you mean by this - "and I can't seem to break 200k without using major cooldowns together. "

Does that mean the only time you pop over 200k is when you use CD's together? Is that for the total fight or burst?

The thing is, you SHOULD be using AW and GoAK together when able to. They time out to work together on your 1st cast (pull) and then your 4th AW will line up with your 3rd GoAK, no matter if you have EEOG or not (it lowers the CD of both the same percentage). You should always use them when available with only two exceptions - 1)waiting for a burn phase that is close (Sha at 30%, Norushen after all dps have gone through, etc - basically when your group is going to lust/hero), and 2)if you are nearing the end of the fight and will only get one more of each together. This usually happens with delaying GoAK. Say GoAK comes off CD and AW has 45s before it is off and there is approximately 1min 30s left in the fight, then you would wait for AW to come off CD to use GoAK, since you will only get one more GoAK cast during the fight. The major offensive CD's are more powerful when used together.

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