Ret Paladin Help please :)

Good morning folks :) hoping some of you pro dpsers can give me some advice. I got a friend who is getting into Ret dps, mostly 496 timeless gear, except a 450 weapon. He's hit capped and expertise capped but he struggles to do much dps, typically 30-50k. I'm wondering if this can be attributed to the 450 weapon, or more likely his rotation.
thanks :)
This is probably a combination of rotation and poorly itemized timeless gear. Having a better weapon would obviously help, since most of our attacks are weapon damage based.

But if all of his timeless gear has 1 secondary on it, or a ton of hit/expertise, then he will be weak anyway. The timeless trinket is bleh too. Get him into ToT and SoO asap. He should spend his coins on bosses that drop weapons and tier in SoO - preferably Sha, Thok (lots of goodies here, best boss to coin), and Garrosh. t16 4p bonus is awesome, so prioritize it over higher ilvl items he might get off of Ordos or upgraded timeless gear.
Alrighty, Thanks Maegoree! I'll pass it along :)

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