Prot Leveling?

So I just came back to WoW about a month ago after taking a 2 year hiatus. I have leveled a couple of toons to 90 now and I just started leveling this toon. I have always played it Prot, but I must say that so far leveling this toon Prot has been a TERRIBLE experience. I quite literally have to pull 15-20 mobs to even make it worth killing anything. I have read they nerfed tank DPS, but OMG. Is there anything I can do short of rolling ret (maybe I'll get lucky and have a 2 hander drop)? Just curious if it's even worth sticking it out.
Don't quest as prot or pull 20 mobs at a time. Quest mobs are weak, they do very little damage (especially the ones in the first zone of an expansion; they're tuned for people who aren't in that expansion's gear) and if a tank is taking very little damage they are getting no vengeance which is the primary force behind your damage.

Your gear is also really not suited for questing, nor for being a prot paladin. You've got old tanking gear, and the new gear you have is tanking gear, which means you have zero haste, which paladins need.
Prot leveling is about as fast as Ret. And yes, pulling 20 mobs is still viable. Even with no vengeance, just the sheer AoE will equal's Ret single target DPS.

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