@Lobster, How did you join heroic guild?

How did you join a heroic raiding guild? I been try to find a good guild to raid in WoD, but it seems like I can't find one that will take a ret paladin or any melee for the matter of fact.
I've been with the same guild since ToGC lol. I started raiding as feral/moonkin in WotLK and that's how I first joined. In ICC their long time main ret paladin quit and I already had a geared ret + experience so I was asked to take his place. Been in the raid ever since.

Most heroic guilds today aren't looking for melee because they're either trying to catch up in progression -or- about to finish progression, and melee just come with more downsides than ranged.

Guilds that have already finished progression are recruiting very loosely since there's no ETA on beta. It's hard to look for specific DPS specs when no one knows how those specs will change or what Mythic will be like. Historically they want X amount of tanks and healers and most guilds look at hybrid classes to fill those roles before filling DPS. However, hybrid tanks and healers are often asked to keep a DPS offspec, so maybe your ticket into a new guild is to mainspec heal.

Anyway if you're looking for a new guild sooner than later, I can't tell you anything you haven't already heard. Just gotta shop the recruitment forums, talk to people, ask around.
I would just add, that you need to start keeping logs of your performance in pug flex and normal groups. Show that you can do good dps, do the mechanics, and not take a ton of damage.

Also, when you apply to these guilds, talk about yourself and your class. Show them that you know your class inside and out. You don't have to write a thesis, but show that you know what is going on. They will throw away applications that are just filling out the required fields. An app that is thoughtful is much more likely to catch their eye.
Here is a thought and you can let him know if its a good idea or not Lobster, but what about getting the
oQueue addon now that all the SOO are server merged.
The reason i suggest this is in the Que i see throughout the week Heroic guilds looking for fillers to help with there runs sometimes starting fresh, thought maybe he could gain experience with the fights, as well as references or maybe find a guild to run with that's a herioc guild. At the very least when he applies as you stated above he has those runs to put on his resume so if does say 6/14 when he applies he can show that on his record.
Just a thought, you two have more heroic experience this tier so you guys can weigh in if this is or is not a good method to go.
I wish Davesenpai would notice me in my guild. M-maybe he'd let me raid then...

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