How much dps should this pally be doing?

This is a pally from my guild, assume he is doing his perfect rotation what kind of dps should he be doing in his gear?
140-160k sustained dps 300k+ burst but he does have a rather weak weapon until ret gets a 553ilvl weap its hard for us to pull higher numbers as all our attacks are % based
If you want to make sure he is doing the correct amount of dps, sim him, then compare his damage to the simdps on Malkorok (normal mode or below). 85% of simdps is ok, 90%+ is where he should be as long as you guys don't take longer than 5min to kill the boss. This assumes the use of flasks, food and pots.
With that gear I would say ~140k his gemming is wrong. His reforging isn't really ideal. He could be pulling more dps if he fixed his gemming/reforging oh and his enchants are wrong.
He sims at 184k, so 155k+ is what he should be doing.

Choey is correct that he needs to work on his gemming/enchanting/reforging. Get him to go to and run his character. If he does, he will see there are quite a few changes he needs to make. If he makes those changes then he will sim at 186k, meaning he should be able to do around 160k+ on a fight like Malkorok.

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