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How much dps do you pull, on a fight like H Juggernaut?
My group doesn't stay with the boss in p2, so not much really. My last log has me at 270k for dpse. My dps is 325k though.

IJ is probably the worst fight to ask about depending on the strat.

Of course you can always go look at the ranks for each fight and see what those guys are doing.

Edit: had wrong dpse
339k from my last kill, while also doing the run very far away during p2 and afk while the phase is happening start =\
Would lfr trinkets and lack of 4 set justify my 250k dps then?
03/25/2014 02:42 PMPosted by Justifiedd
Would lfr trinkets and lack of 4 set justify my 250k dps then?

If you are talking about dps, then 250k sounds a little low, because recount will stop your combat timer if you go for so long without hitting the boss. If you mean dpse, then that isn't bad at all.

TTT being lfr quality hurts a lot more than EEOG being lfr. I say that because, the biggest jump you get from EEOG is when you equip your first one - the initial cooldown reduction you receive is the largest you will ever receive. When you get the lfr EEOG your GoAK goes from 180s to 135s, and your AW goes from 120s to 90s. When you go from lfr to hwf EEOG, your GoAK goes from 135s to 120s, and your AW goes from 90s to 80s. The biggest bump in going from lfr to hwf EEOG is the proc, which increases from 10k str to 15k str.

The increase from lfr TTT to hwf TTT is 2.5% amp. Which is almost equal to adding another ring slot. To get to 40% haste with lfr TTT, you need 16,041 haste rating. To get to 40% with hwf TTT, you need 15,666 haste rating. A reduction of 375 haste, which when combined with the amp of hwf, is a boost of 1.2% (384.375/324.5) mastery or .64% crit chance (384.375/600). That is pretty big. TTT is also a jump from a 10k proc on the lfr version to 15k proc on the hwf version.

And yes, getting your 4p would add quite a bit of dps, not a ton, but some. DS proc was 4.2% of my damage in our kill last night.

Although, all the above aside, your weapon makes the biggest difference on your dps. What version is your weapon?

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