Celestalon on Ret Pally's

Anyway you could talk about design philosophy when approaching Retribution in WoD?
Anything in particular? Generally planning polish and tuning, but no major revision. Happy with Ret design, minus a couple tweaks. (Celestalon)

.....Ok, my knee jerk reaction to this statement is alot angrier that it should be, seeing as from where im sitting that kind of comment is laughable. From a PvE standpoint I can understand this. Its not the best but not the worst, pretty good utility (though why bring a ret pally when a holy pally has the same utility with better role execution.....but thats besides the point).
But from a PvP point of view I gotta say jumping jesus christ there is no way that statement could be taken at face value, right? I get that CC is being toned down but I' not confident that a blanket cc withdrawal will do anything to the current underwhelming state of ret pallies. Maybe I'm wrong but what do others read into that statement,
I think he means they're happy with ret mechanics and the feel of our playstyle. Our rotation is fluid, our cooldowns are dynamic, our damage and utility are in a good spot.

It's important to remember most of our PVP problems stem from absurdly high battle fatigue (inhibits our team utility and survival) and our susceptibility to CC (inhibits our ability to land kills), both of which will be minimized in WoD. Personally I'm VERY happy they aren't revamping ret like they did throughout Cata.
I mean, how many times can you remake a class? Cata added hp and rng. MoP took away that rng and put in a talent and added hp generators. Both are pretty major revisions. Not to mention making the class viable in dps in the transition from Vanilla to BC to Wrath.
I'm quite satisfied with how Ret functions right now so the fact that they have no major plans to change things is fine by me. I'm with the people who are hopeful Ret can be fixed not by changing Ret but by changing PVP.
Our mechanics and playstyle are quite solid. Its other factors now that are hurting us that arent related to our mechanics specifically.

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