Back from a break help

ok so im coming back to the game after a few months off and i cant decide if i wanna keep working on my 88 lock and get him to 90 or make a new toon im kinda getting sick of casters i was kinda thinking making a ret pally and i like to heal so off spec in holy thoughts? or should i just stick with my lock???
What do you plan to do?

If just quest and dungeon with the occasional lfr, then do what is fun. Ret imo is very fun to do these things in (and if leveling straight up, prot is powerful to about lvl 80ish even in solo situations).

If pvp, some of the other guys can give you better help, but a lot of people don't care for ret in pvp, holy is in a good spot from what I can see though.

If serious raiding (heroic level), you will have a better chance getting in groups as a lock. The range>melee attitude is pretty strong still.

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