Further gear progression - where to go now

I'd like some advice/opinions on where to go now as far as gearing my Prot Pally. Keep in mind that I'm in a guild that hasn't begun Normal or even Heroics yet - only recently did we conquer SoO #1 Flex (#2 this weekend).

The only item I'd seriously think about still trying for is that ring from Blackfuse that only drops if I have my loot-spec on Retribution (a Haste socket bonus is surely nothing to pass up?). I finally got the 4pc bonus this week so I'm not keen on breaking that, unless I obtain a piece's Flex-counterpart.

Would any of the Ordos pieces be worth using for my Prot Pally?
Though i dont play prot, I personally dont know where your gear comes from. Although, gearing has become so easy in this game in my opinion, its just down to RNG. That being said, flex, ordos, celestials. Can better prepare you and your raid group for normal and eventually heroic.

Its probably what you didnt plan on hearing, but those would be the places to go I think.
You're very far from the Best in slot list and you have plenty of upgrades left. First thing and easiest would be to replace your single stat, Mastery ring from a Burden with a proper 2 stat ring, which you would create using Retribution as your loot specialization.

As for your gear, you still have a lot of avoidance gear you can replace with proper drops that would enhance your performance. Here's the items you should aim for in SoO :

Bubble-Burst Bracers
Poisonbinder Girth
Demolisher's Reinforced Belt
Wolf-Rider Spurs
Seal of the Forgotten Kings
Asgorathian Blood Seal
Legplates of Unthinking Strife

Check if these drop when you are in Ret loot spec and change your loot spec often. Sometimes, even if the item drops for Prot, check if the Ret side is less bloated thus allows you more chances to get the better items. Non haste items in SoO that would be a nice upgrade for you (especially that neck piece) :

Malkorok's Tainted Dog Tags
Juggernaut's Ignition Keys
Malkorok's Giant Stompers

For Ordos, obviously you should use Retribution as your loot specialization. All the items that drop for Prot aren't really great (lots of double avoidance), and Ret's loot table is less bloated. You want e Ordos "copies" of the above SoO loot :

Remnar's Ruinous Girdle
Anafielle's Spiked Choker
Partik's Purified Legplates
Vanguard's Burly Bracers

Lots of stuff still for you to go for. And yes, those haste rings are Best in slot! Go for them.

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