Holy Paladin advice

Good evening.

Been attempting to build up a holy paladin for a few weeks now and didn't see many topics here so figure I would ask.

We're looking at a ten man and was wondering if mastery with the haste break point build would be fine for 10 or since less people something more bursty?

Depends on who you are healing with... the amount of ppl doesnt really matter. If your other healers are filling a certain "roll" for the raid, then you need to pick another roll. For example: My old team ran 2 paladins. I ran the haste build and my partner in crime went the mastery build. He would try to stabilize the raid and I would pick the raid up on massive aoe.

If you are paired with a disc i would go all out haste if you have the gear, or mastery with SH for pick up healing since they are an adsorb class.

If you are rolling with a druid, holy priest, or sham then go with mastery, so you can place absorbs up and they can pick up and balance the raid health.

Monks are going to over power you a bit. I would stick with mastery and EF build to try and maintain tanks and have a hot on most of the raid.

It also depends on how geared your group is and your healing style. Mastery is kinda the default build though when you don't know what you're getting yourself into.
Dioxisis is right. You have to find your niche in the raid. But for me personally, with my current gear, I go to the 10867 Haste break point then because throwing as much int into my gems as I could since that increases the amount per spell you heal thus increasing the shield you put on your target as well. For progression I just ran as much int as I could at the 7170 haste break point.

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