Could use some help for new 10 man

Hey guys im starting a new 10 man this weekend and was wondering if you guys could check my gear / reforges/gems and give me some advice on anything that could help me out. Thanks in advance
Grab a belt buckle, and get a gem in there. Try to hit the 3506 EF breakpoint. Might have to change a few gems from int/spirit to int/haste, but you should be able to make it.

Other than that, everything else looks ok. Might want to put jade spirit on the weapon if its not crazy expensive on your server.
awesome thank you! Should i reforge anything into haste or just try to reach the BP with gems,
Crazyypally I would run Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice. It is going to be a big cd when it comes to keeping your tanks up during high dmg phases especially if you are going to be running clemency for your 2 sacs. Run that glyph in place of either your Glyph of Avenging wrath as this glyph is all but worthless. My advice as well if you are going to be going into a high dmg fight run protector of the innocent as well as it will give you a bit of heals to yourself when you are trying to keep other ppl up. Glyph of Divinity if good in your case because you are just starting out in raids and you have a relatively low amount of spirit to begin with. Hope this helps ya and good luck in the raids!
Thanks alot really appreciate all the help

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