How are your SoTR uptimes?

I have been seeing a lot of posers lately claiming extremely high uptimes. I'll be the 1st to put everything on the table

This week we didn't have enough dps, so i drop my haste down for more crit.
46% haste on Galakras w/ 82.2% sotr uptime.
46% haste on Protectors w/ 69% sotr uptime tanking Rook, i tried a diff trinket.

I use a 4p and usually use 50%. i have almost made 90% uptime before. How about showing some of them numbers, im very curious.

Rng is rng.
Statistically with a 4p it should be ~80%.
After that you can start gaming it, with say 4p t15 on extemely high dmg intake fights + vial

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