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Another WoW Source is on its way, and once again we’re looking for your questions. This time around we’re planning to feature Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut, Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas, and Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka, along with host Morgan Webb. This time the interview will be geared towards discussing class and PvP changes coming in Warlords of Draenor. Just like last time, post questions you have for the developers in this thread, and feel free to use the “thumbs-up” Like button to let us know if you’d like to see someone else’s question answered.

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Ok, this should be good.

Which DRs in CC are now shared?

Are you actively shifting focus away from spam control to some form of skill play?

Can we get a mirrored AV map? Or an option for classic AV? Or some form of AV that show cases the madding fun it was way back when......

Healing can be a nightmare as a shammy, can I look forward to another new galaxy of interrupts, silences and school lock-outs?

Are we firmly and finally done with rock v. scissors v. paper model or do I have to dread the return of that?

Being chain CC'd for 100-0 is not fun....well other than the 2 insta's I get off. That is not a question. It is a statement of fact.

I like that you are removing insta-cast heals.

Can we get some meat and potato information on design philosophy of BGs. Because PlayerVsWall in that certain BG was not fun....and I would love a look into the thought process of how BGs are designed.

Were arena a mistake....and not just the idea and thought......but the mace-mace stun days.

Can we look forward to new BGs in content patches? Or maybe map variations? Or bonus honor for side objectives (just like in table top miniature skirmish games)

Gear matching system, we loved the idea and all understand why it is dead, however, can we get some form of it for the dead space before the next expansion?

Bots....we all know they are there....can you guys do some more active policing to remove least for a little while.

Frost mages, can they get a stacking debuff that lowers their damage by .001% every time they jump. I estimate that most would be doing only 3-4% of normal damage between deaths.

Persistent BG buff. Much as horn has no GCD, can we just skip rebuffing and just be buffed persistently?

Did I mention AV yet....oh AV...blissful, lovely, AV......

Honestly I feel you guys have done a great job at creating balance in this game and look forward to seeing where you take it next. Removing resil gear removed the feeling of the rich getting richer. So good job there.

My witch's broom insta-cast-mount. I want it as a permanent mount.

This one will be controversial, however, IoC I love that buff nodes are mirrored along the map and should be held in order to win. This creates a delicious level of stress about defending a node that will not be attacked or attacking something and watch the node getting capped. I would like more things that increase the tension and add buffs in BGs.

Please don't ever make a troll themed BG. EVER.

I used to play only pvp with a major focus on pug BGs, but no longer do that because it is a slow way to make money. So, can I get some money or loot or something for pug BGs. Simply put honor is a small incentive for investing time against the risk of being pre-make farmed while in a pug.

Why are pre-makes still farming pugs? The entire point of puging is to pug.

Thank you for removing twinks from leveling BGs (no really, TY).

Can you do BG proving grounds with medals and put people into queues as graded by their skill?

Players with terrible attitudes, spamers, and tree guardians.....can I get some sort of down rank system that places them as far away from me as possible in terms of queue preferences? I mean, it is hard to actually get people to kick even the most obvious of bots, so can I actively form a wall of protection around my account via down voting people I just never want to see in-game again?

What is being done to remove the incentive to be the world's greatest road warrior?
Is pet AI for hunters getting any polishing?? Plis blizzard....
Will there be any efforts made (via ability pruning or changes) for classes to feel more unique?

I would like to see a lot of redundancies removed, such as numerous AoE stuns and other CC, control, or even damage effects. It's hard to feel special or unique when several other classes have some form of everything you do.
Any chances of abolishing at least some of the faction divide? I would love to be able to raid cross-faction as well as cross-realm, which I appreciate that you enabled recently. My main is on a server whose faction is very underpopulated but the horde side is bustling. One United Azeroth! :)
Will Enhance ever see viable 2h again?
Will there be new class/race combos? Such as Night Elf Paladin or something like that.

I don't remember reading anything explaining if they were thinking about it or not.
Is there going to be a change in the haste buff that druid balance get when they get on eclipse?, to something more permanent, cause sometimes when doing a boss, one have to move a lot, you lose the buff and then is a pain in the !@# to cast again to next ecplise and dont lose to much dps.
[Class-Mage] Do Alter Time and Mirror Image have a place as fun, utility spells, rather than throughput cooldowns? Mirror Image is AMAZING for solo play. =)
What is the point of going to all the trouble of removing Resilience (something that you say 'doesn't feel right' for PVP'ers as we are hitting 300k+ on mobs, but only 80k-100k against players) only to put in another awkward system in WoD where our crits will hit for 25% less... (eg. Mage Ice Lances hitting for 400k on mobs, but only 300k on players). Isn't this the exact thing you were trying to avoid??
Can Shadow Priests PLEASE have Vampiric Embrace back as a constant buff? It would be nice to be useful again. Favorite class since the beginning, and Vanilla Spriest play style was a lot more fun.

Thanks ^^
Historically, Ret has always been a subpar pvp spec. At times it has been pretty good, but more times than not, its not that great. What are the plans to change this trend in WoD?

Perhaps more customization of the spec? For example, not just choosing one of 3 healing talents, but perhaps a choice between a healing talent, an offensive utility, and a powerful hand spell?

Also, mobility. the 3 options we have are boring, redundant, subpar. Any chance of seeing more interesting and fun choices there?

Any chance of redistributing some of our burst into sustained?

Also, interested to see whats in store for the CC tier. Currently, its completely catered to holy with no real regard to ret pvp.

And one last question - symbiosis. Wrath. Really? I have to know why...what were you thinking.
What is WoW Source? Where have I been for the previous episodes?

I have a similar question to Batzzinga...

Any thoughts on Moonkin mobility? In PvE at least, we rely on hard casting so any encounter that requires a lot of movement is really detrimental to DPS as well as fun. (who wants to run in a circle spamming moonfire?)
What are the ideas to balance BG queues between Horde and Alliance?
Will Druids ever get Thorns back? Will their travel form speeds be increased to match mount speeds?

Speaking of mounts, can you lower the mount level requirements again? Maybe 15 for slow, 30/35 for fast, and 50 for flying, and 60 for fast flying. It would make the leveling grind much less tedious.

Speaking of leveling, will there be an experience "squish" to go with the stat squish? Also, will experience rewards be adjusted on expansion boundaries, so that, say, doing a level 70 Burning Crusade quest gives the same experience as a level 70 WotLK quest. Doing only the first half of an expansion while leveling up gets old after a while.

Can you remove and/or lower some of the quest level requirements? With heirlooms and other buffs, at-level quests are just too easy. And again, it would be nice to be able to get experience doing the latter parts of the old expansions.

Will the experience point buff potion be available for purchase any time soon?

Finally, can we get a definitive statement on nofly vs profly, either the planned policy or at least the current intent? "We'll see" is way too vague. (I'm profly, btw)

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