Hpally, to much reading now confuzzled

So I've started messing around with my Hpally again. I took a bit of a break from him after a guild meltdown...
Anyway, I thought I'd brush up on the subject of holy pally healing through forums and websites etc. To get to the point I became confused as all those opinions began to coagulate into this weird holy pally meatloaf in my mind. I enjoy using EF as I never got the hang of SH. I need to know what I can do to optimize my lootz for EF- do I have to much of this? do I need more of that? Less spirit? more haste?

And since I'm posting, what about SH? If I decided to give that a try, how would I need to re'gem and reforge?
Any time you take to give a fella a hand is appreciated!

ps- yes I have a tank trinket....be gentle.
Welcome back to the realm of Hpally healing first of all!
So after reading this I understand how it can get confusing to try and master this class as healing in general requires a lot of finesse. One of the biggest things I just happen to be reading right before I read this was this guild.
For the most part its a very very good guide to beginner healing for Eternal Flame Hpallies and will help you with the basic rotation of hpallies.

That being said I just looked at your gear as well, and btw shame on you for your tank trinket ;p, and my personal suggestion would be to bump up to the 3506 haste breakpoint and try to maintain at least 13500 spirit for your current gear level.

For your glyphs feel free to take a look at my character for those. Glyph of sac you always want to run as this is probably the most important glyph when it comes to raid cd's for an hpally, Glyph of Divinity would be my second recommendation for you since you do have a relatively low amount of spirit. And then finally Protector of the Innocent as well. These three glyphs will help you out while pushing through normals and into heroics. Granted for certain fights, certain glyphs will have to be rotated in for dmg mitigation purposes.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Perfect! Thanks so much!

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