Crit or ExP

I am already at 7+% exp and 7+% hit but will reforging out of crit into more exp be more beneficial than the crit itself?
After 7.5% hit and expertise it doesn't makes sense to get more I see your at 8.8 expertise and 6.5 hit try tp het them both at 7.5 and you'll be fine. I would reccomend a site like to get you started in the right direction
YEa, that was before i Fixed the hit.. let me relog.
Oh and Thanks for answering my question, it was the robot telling me to get to 8.8 and I was in between log outs when that last snapshot you looked at was taken. I'll leave the crit on my cloak then. Thank you.
Once you reach your respective Hit/Expertise caps at 7.50 each, you want to prioritize Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike on your gear. When you obtain your T16 four set bonus, continue to stack Haste up to 40%, then prioritize Mastery without lowering that level of Haste.

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